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Get personalized campaigns, get access to MDF, give feedback. Grow your channel together with your vendors. No prior marketing knowledge, time, or resources needed.

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5 reasons to start your social selling journey

  • From 20 partner portals to 1 partner hub:  Channext connects to ALL your vendor portals.
  • Up-to-date campaigns:  suited to your end-users, in your language, and your industry.
  • Improve your vendor relationships:  give feedback to ALL your vendors, in 1 place.
  • Save up to 16 hours a week:  automated social selling means you free up time to follow up opportunities.
  • It’s FREE. Forever. No limited-time offers, no small print. Vendors foot the bill.

These vendors are already on board

Sell more through social selling,
like 78% of companies that went before you!

Wladimir SirreHeuvelman Sound & Vision

Monthly we save up to 8 hours on marketing activities, awesome!

“It is very easy to quickly share the most up-to-date and relevant information on our channels. The vendor prepares the content and we only have to indicate where and when we want to communicate…”

Mark MertensOffacility

Every partner should use this

“The program helps me to share high quality content with my network without spending a lot of time on content creation.”

Hans-Jürgen BoekelderBeleefAV

I have never seen anything like this in 30 years of channel

“Registration and onboarding took just 10 minutes. We only have to review the social content and the platform does the heavy lifting for us.”

Four simple steps to start automated social selling


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