What if all my competitors are using through-channel marketing tools too?

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Through-channel marketing is an excellent method to provide your resellers with approved marketing material and templates. However, your competitors are discovering these benefits too. Is it still smart to become an early adopter?

Through-channel marketing is getting increasingly popular, for a very good reason. It allows vendors to directly target end-users with centrally distributed campaigns. By means of through-channel marketing, resellers are able to adapt vendor-approved marketing material to match their customer’s specific needs. Their expertise on how to reach local audiences makes them excellent strategic partners. This collaboration results in an optimal return on investment for both vendors and resellers.

More vendors discover the benefits of through-channel marketing

According to Forrester, through-channel marketing software market is expected to grow to 1.18 billion dollars by 2023. That’s why it becomes increasingly likely that your competitors are providing the exact same resellers with marketing material through-channel marketing. Some vendors are worried that this decreases their chances of reaching the end-user, but is that really the case?

Don’t let through-channel marketing’s surge to fame put you off. Your company can still reap the benefits of adopting this strategy. Curious to know why it’s still a great idea to become an early adopter of through-channel marketing tools? We present the three most important reasons.

1. Through-channel marketing levels the playing field

As a vendor, you make sure that the lead generation campaigns you provide your partners with are always top-notch. You’ve thought long and hard about the details and have spent lots of money on the execution. That doesn’t mean they will actually use it though. Did you know that the average partner has over twenty vendors to manage? Each vendor has its own partner portal, providing them with a steady flow of marketing material. As you can imagine, many partners simply don’t have the time or resources to use them all.

Stop flushing money down the drain.

To prevent your lead marketing campaigns from collecting dust in the partner portal, you need to make implementation as easy and efficient as possible. When you employ through-channel marketing, your marketing efforts will reach the end-user automatically through your resellers. A win-win situation.

2. Differentiation is in the quality of your campaigns

Worried about the fact that other vendors are able to reach the same resellers? If your campaign is as great as you think it is, there is no need to be concerned. Resellers will always be attracted to high-quality content. Make sure your marketing material stands out from the rest. This will help you beat competitors every single time, no matter the tool you use to distribute campaigns.

3. The numbers don’t lie

Still not sure whether through-channel marketing is a good strategy for you? According to Forrester, only 15% of your channel marketing efforts reach the end-user. That’s a lot of wasted time and money. With through-channel marketing, you can increase that number by a factor of five to seven. That way, you are able to reach up to 100% of end-users, just let that sink in for a while.

Do you want to be the only party left to be stuck at 15%? When all your competitors are using through-channel marketing, but you aren’t, it will be nearly impossible to stay in the race. Don’t want to be left behind? Download our 3 Step Guide for Channel Professionals to Mobilize Your Resellers below!

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