Three ways to reboot your partner recruitment process

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Do you still rely on real-life networking events for partner recruitment? Then you’ve probably had a rough year or two. Even after the pandemic, it’s a good idea to look for partners in new ways. Let’s zoom in on three ways to recruit resellers in the digital age.

1. Join B2B marketplaces

Don’t wait for partners to find you, go look for them online! LinkedIn is a great place to start looking for potential partners. Did you know that you can also find resellers on B2B marketplaces? They are similar to the E-commerce marketplaces we all know and love. Take PartnerStack for example, where you can explain your proposition to a large audience of potential resellers. This is a great way to gain more exposure, it allows resellers to get a clear idea of what they can expect of you as a partner. Think of it as a kind of advertisement, you’ve got to sell your brand.

Time to find the right partners

Are you ready to forge some new partnerships? Start by writing up the perfect partner profile. What characteristics do you value in your resellers? Are you looking for experts in a specific field or generalists? Where should they be located and which end-users should they cater to? This step is crucial because you need your partners to match your brand and your current needs. On our Channext marketplace, all resellers can directly request to become your partner. As a result, over 100 resellers have been recruited by vendors using Channext.

2. Make joining your partner program a breeze

As a vendor, you probably want your resellers to excel in their field. That’s why many partner programs are only accessible for companies that pass a very strict qualification test. After signing endless amounts of contracts, they might also need to buy demo products or complete an elaborate training program. 

As smart as that sounds, it won’t get you a lot of partners. These kinds of requirements can act as a barrier, discouraging resellers that could have made great new partners. Instead, make sure your reseller onboarding is smooth and simple. The easier you make the process, the more likely it becomes that new resellers will join your partner program. Once they’re on board, you can always offer training programs for your resellers to up their game.

3. Differentiate your partner program

Do you still ‘inform’ your potential resellers with an ROI based on guessed input? That won’t get you very far. It’s a way better idea to share information based on historic data. This way, you can provide your resellers with actual proof that joining your partner program is worth it. Channext allows vendors to measure the result of their channel marketing and sales efforts.

What can you offer as a vendor? Keep in mind: all vendors provide some sort of commission. Solely offering financial compensation is not enough to make you stand out. Instead, you could offer through-channel marketing automation based upon opt-out. This way, resellers can share your campaigns with their own end-users, without any effort. If they want to skip a certain campaign, they can easily opt out. It’s even possible for resellers to edit certain aspects of your marketing campaigns, in order for them to better match the needs of end-users.

You can also try to give back something a little more personal, like 24/7 sales support. By awarding your resellers in a more personal way, you can make an authentic connection. That is a great way to start a long-term relationship based on trust.

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