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Customer Success story: Quantore

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marketing page views

connected resellers

higher revenue growth

Quantore is a cooperative and one of the largest players in the Benelux in the field of office supplies. Over 430 self-employed office supplies resellers are affiliated with the organization. Their core activity is wholesale in office supplies with a revenue of >150 million euros and an assortment of 23.000 articles.


Quantore invests a lot of time and money to create marketing content that supports their resellers to activate the end customer. Their resellers controlled their own websites and marketing channels. This made it hard for Quantore to help its resellers generate more business with online marketing.

For the resellers who placed the content on their website, Quantore had no idea how the end customers interacted with the content. Not whether it converted to leads or revenue, not whether the campaigns engaged the end customer and not what each reseller contributed to the online results of campaigns.

“We did offer our marketing content to our resellers, but it was always up to them to actually use it. As they’re busy with their day-to-day business, this often didn’t happen. Therefore, most of our marketing content didn’t reach the end customer.”

Floor van der Weiden
Marketing & Communications @ Quantore


A successful online channel is built on 3 pillars: connection, activation & advanced channel analytics.


To activate the end customer together with their resellers, it was required to make an online connection between Quantore and the reseller websites. Resellers can easily embed the content on their website with the Channext content widget.


The goal was to give the resellers the power of the Quantore marketing team, so Quantore can help them activate their local customer network with inspirational and promotional content.

Advanced channel analytics

The Channext dashboard makes it possible to measure important channel KPIs. This gives unique insights into the channel. Resellers also get an analytics dashboard, so they can see exactly what results the central marketing activities are giving them.

“We use all content modules provided by Quantore. We also really like the banner that comes with the content widget, in this way we can send the visitor directly to the right content. The Channext platform is an important sales tool for us.”

Astrid Goosens
Owner @ Luto office supplies (Quantore reseller)


At the end of 2019, we made a comparison of the revenue growth of the resellers that used the platform vs. the resellers that didn’t. The average revenue growth of the resellers that used the Channext platform was 65% higher than the resellers that didn’t.

“Working with Channext has been a pleasure, where Channext gives us great advice and bring up ideas we haven’t thought of ourselves yet. The best thing is that our online channel activities are executed mostly by Channext. I deliver the input and check it after Channext worked it out, besides that I have nothing to worry about. This saves me a lot of time.”

Floor van der Weiden
Marketing & Communications @ Quantore

Summary results

  • >100 resellers joined the platform within 1 year
  • >80.000 marketing content page views
  • >4.000 products added-to-cart
  • The average revenue growth of resellers that used the Channext platform was 65% higher than resellers that didn’t make use of the Channext platform

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