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Logitech: how to launch with a big bang

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Celebrating 40 years of computer peripherals, Logitech is known for being one of the first companies to develop the commercial mouse.  Nowadays, the company has a much wider portfolio, including Video Collaboration. Over the past few years, the B2B market has been shifting towards videoconferencing, ranging from the home offices and personal workspaces to entire meeting room setups. With an increasingly fragmented partner landscape, how did Logitech use Channext to engage its partners and rally to launch its biggest product in years, within a single month?


The growing need to unify a scattered channel partner landscape

One of the biggest challenges for Logitech’s Benelux Video Collaboration market? Keeping a large and scattered partner landscape connected and engaged. “Thanks to video conferencing technology such as Microsoft Teams,
Zoom, and Google Meet, the connection between those working remote and those working in the office has become easier,” says Lennard de Barse, Channel Lead Video Collaboration at Logitech. A trend reflected at Logitech.

In the past, installing and maintaining video conferencing hardware and software was a difficult task that only a few parties could do. Today, installation has become a lot more straightforward, and there are a lot more partners to choose from. Purchasing an entire VC-solution from a single provider is much more common.

“In other countries, you tend to see one or two really large partners,” explains De Barse. “In the Netherlands we have lots of smaller AV and IT partners selling our products. Giving each of these partners personal attention would be impossible. But they do sell and service our products. So how do we reach them all?”

How distributing to the managed became distributing to the masses

Logitech creates tons of marketing materials for each product. With ten new product launches in 2021 alone, it really adds up.

Lennard de Barse: “Before working with Channext, we could only share campaigns with our managed partners, despite the much bigger group selling and implementing our products. The Channext platform allows all partners to profit from our content, creating a unified message towards end-users.”

Logitech can finally reach that big group of unmanaged partners, give them access to high-quality, on-brand materials, and ultimately engage them in its channel marketing programs.

New product, new software, 1 month to launch

The case was simple. Logitech has a new, exciting launch coming up. Would it be possible to implement Channext within the time frame? In 1 month…

The first meeting with Channext came via Logitech’s Video Collaboration marketing manager, Angela Hordijk. “After studying the solution,” she says, “we realized that this could solve the exact problem Logitech was experiencing: how to deliver the right kind of content to both managed and unmanaged partners with a lack of resources on both sides?” The challenge: the year’s biggest launch and just one month to get set-up.

Channext would allow Logitech to tackle that problem through automated campaign distribution and social selling through the partners online channels. Due to the strict deadline, signing-up and onboarding partners became a collaborative process.

Launch day came and Hordijk started to get calls from her peers. She recounts: “The biggest benefit of working with Channext is that we can tell a consistent story across the channels of all our partners. This is so important because we help our channel partners reach their end-users with a clear understanding of our products. It also helps partners free up time and resources that they don’t need spend uploading social posts or creating landing pages.”

The collaboration continues…

That collaboration has continued throughout, with regular meetings to discuss current projects, what is going well, and what needs improvement. A process that many customers appreciate. Channext works with customers towards their successes. This way, we help our customers achieve their goals and celebrate these successes together.

Logitech’s targeted approach to tackle leads

Each of our customers has a different approach towards following up conversations generated through the Channext platform.

We see vendors enrich leads and eventually hand them back to their partners. Some let their partners take the wheel. Logitech works together with partners, targeting leads from multiple angles and allowing partners to take over the SQL when ready.

Channext’s dashboard offers a great overview of leads, it shows which partners are actively participating in which campaigns and how connected they are. It shows Logitech how active campaigns are performing in real time. This way, they can scale-up or down, or pivot completely based on feedback from partners and performance data.

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Cassandra Pizzey

Cassandra Pizzey

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