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We’re moving to Utrecht

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We’ve got some exciting news to share with you. As of next month, we’re moving our office to Utrecht. We’ve experienced tremendous growth in the past year and it’s time for us to make our next step. Why are we moving from Rotterdam to Utrecht? You’re going to find out reading this blog.

Start in Rotterdam

Our startup adventure started 1,5 years ago at Groothandelsgebouw in Rotterdam. My first startup was already renting an office space in Kleinhandel. Kleinhandel is an awesome co-working space next to Rotterdam Central Station that’s all about creativity, growth and innovation. It’s a blend of 100+ companies varying from tech startups to charity foundations and from creative agencies to interior designers.

It made perfect sense to start this new adventure called Channext in Kleinhandel as well. Besides the central location, a great interior and an awesome rooftop terrace, the most important thing Kleinhandel contributed is that it connected us to some very cool companies. We’ve had some great partnerships with other Kleinhandel members. The partnerships varied from building our website, the creation of our animation video and illustrations, to passing on new business opportunities to each other.

Why we’re moving to Utrecht

Over the past 1,5 years, we grew to a team of 9 people, and we’re not finished with hiring yet 😉 (more on this later). We’ve reached the maximum capacity of our current office, so it’s time for us to move and rent a larger office. But why not just rent a larger office space in Rotterdam?

It happened kind of naturally, but where most of the team (including myself) lived in Rotterdam 1,5 year ago, more than 75% of our team lives in (or nearby) Utrecht at this moment. When we started orienting on a new office, it was clear that it was going to be Utrecht. It took some time before we found an office that gave us the same feeling we got at Kleinhandel.

Ready to grow

Our ambitions are enormous, we want our platform to be used by the largest technology companies in the world and scale internationally. We could never fulfill our ambitions without our awesome team. It’s great to work on a common goal and have loads of fun along the way together. 

We’re planning to grow our team even further in the upcoming months. In the following days we’ll be launching our career website, starting with four vacancies to be filled. Our new office will be twice the size of our current one, so we’re ready to accelerate and grow our team.

It’s safe to say that it was a wonderful ride at Kleinhandel. We are ready and very excited for our new adventures in Utrecht. Photos of our new office will be shared as soon as we’ve moved in, stay tuned!

Rick van den Bosch


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