Why you need to speak your partners’ language

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One of the biggest challenges when working in a channel environment is marketing. Marketing is challenging even when you know your partners personally and have been collaborating for years… Let alone when you’re running a global business and have partners spread all over the world. Time zones, language barriers and cultural differences are making it difficult to really engage your partners.

We are all drawn to our own language. That’s a fact. It’s familiar, easier, and creates a sense of community. Why would it be any different for your partners and end-users? If you want results from your marketing activities, you’ll need to adapt and learn how to speak their language.

Why you should adapt content to local languages

How many languages are your partners speaking? 2, 3, 5, 6 ? Even though English has become increasingly spoken in this globalized world, many businesses still communicate in their local languages.

  • Because partners are too busy to translate

Partners often work with dozens of vendors. It’s enough effort to pick up the content material from vendors and publish it for end-users to see. Translating is too much! If you don’t do it, they won’t. And they’ll probably leave out your marketing material under a big pile of other tasks…

  • To increase partner engagement

You’re probably spending a lot of time and money creating marketing campaigns. What’s the point if your partners don’t engage in them? That’s the risk you’re taking by keeping your content in English and not personalizing it. Partners might not even give you the time of day if your competitors adapted to their language but you didn’t. On the other hand, if you deliver ready-to-be published marketing materials, chances are you’ll notice a strong increase in partner engagement.

  • For a better connection with end users

A PR mistake can so quickly escalate in our fast and connected environment. Languages are complex. Leaving content translation to your partners – if they miraculously find time to do it – can be tricky. Most partners don’t have in-house marketing professionals and some are just not so comfortable with English. Errors could be made and end-users could be pushed away by awkward messaging. Be reasonable and just send professionally translated marketing materials to your partners. You’ll know for sure that what goes out on their channels is high-quality and representative of your brand. 


Why you need to work closely with the corporate marketing team to improve ROI

Very often, the corporate marketing team is working on multi-language assets. While the partner marketing team is busy with to-partner communication in English. Why not take advantage of what’s created by the channel team? Especially when you know that the largest budget is often allocated to corporate… It’s time to come together! 

Too little channel marketing and partner marketing teams are collaborating. And that doesn’t make much sense when you think about the fact that – in the end – what you want to do is end-user marketing. Bring the local languages of the corporate marketing assets to your partner marketing team and really create scale! This way, you could significantly increase partner engagement, communicate better with end-users and improve ROI.


There’s no sales without  marketing

Marketing is so important to generate revenue that you need to make it a priority. And if you want results, you’ll need partners to actively participate. How? By making it easy for them. Provide everything that they need so that they can directly push it to end-users. As often with partners, you’ll see that the more time and resources you invest, the better returns you’ll see. 

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Audrey Senecal

Audrey Senecal

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