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If you’re targeting the same end-users with similar products and similar marketing materials, the ease of sale is going to be the differentiating factor. That’s why vendors that sell well win big. 

Hence the need to remove the friction in the sales process. Ultimately, being successful in sales boils down to knowing your end-users and targeting them accordingly. Let’s dive into how you can reach that goal.

Who do we sell to?

The first step, before even thinking about how to sell, is to establish who you’re selling to and to educate your partners on that matter. We’re not talking about who you could sell to, but who you actually sell to. What’s your typical end-user profile?

Existing end-users vs new end-users

Once you have a picture of your standard end-user, it will definitely help you to adjust your sales strategy and share it with your partners. But keep in mind that your end-users are all unique and come to you for all kinds of reasons.

Some end-users have been using your product for 10 years, others just heard about it from a friend and are trying it for the first time. This one just bought it after seeing an ad on LinkedIn and for that one, your brand doesn’t bring up anything. That’s why your strategy cannot be a rigid plan for your partners to deliver in the same way to anyone. 

Make sure you’re building a sales strategy for new end-users… But don’t forget the existing ones. They’re your most important asset. After all, you owe it all to them and they can tell you a lot about how to retain the new ones.


2 key strategies to target end-users effectively

Now that you know who you sell to, it’s time to move on to the actual sales part. Here are some strategies to –keep wooing your loyal end-users – and to conquer new ones!

1. What partnerships do you work with?

There will be those end-users that always buy from the other vendor. They’ve been in the corner of your eye for a while but they go to the competitor. Don’t be scared to reach out to these vendors! Co-selling can be a great way to expand your customer base. Your product or service integrates well with the one from another vendor? Meet that vendor, find out who their end-users are and introduce yourself. Better even – come up with one complete solution combining your expertise and that vendor’s. That could totally upgrade your proposition and boost your sales. 

Share that idea with your partners! They’re the ones selling products from several vendors. They could give you tips about which vendors could be interesting for you to partner with. If you educate them on all the integrations that are possible with your product or service, they will also be able to point out your brand when closing a deal for another vendor. 

2. Ad marketing

These days, everybody’s on social media. Whether you like it or not, that’s where it’s all happening and where you want to be when it comes to making sales. Especially because of the huge network it opens : your own, but also your partners’! Dropping ads on your LinkedIn and the accounts of your partners could promote your brand to much bigger audiences and eventually bring you more leads. If done well!

You want a very specific message to target your ideal customer profile. Otherwise your ad will just drown in the immense ocean of content available on social media.  Ad marketing will help you to tap into your partner’s network and increase your end-users base – as well as generate more revenue. It’s definitely worth the investment.


Push vs pull in the channel

Working in the channel is all about pushing and pulling. You pull end-users with marketing and you push with sales. And that whole push vs pull dynamic happens with the help of your partners. It’s worth just about nothing without them. 

Partnerships are critical. Let your partners know that they are an integral part of that traction and remove friction as much as you can. Show them you’re stronger together. You can be honest about your goals – you’re both in it to maximize money. So build a plan for that! And ask your partners and yourself. Always. How can you make the sales process easier? 


Curious to know more about removing the friction? Our 2nd podcast episode dives into different parts of the process. From recruitment to onboarding, training, marketing, and sales. Listen below or head to Partnerships Unraveled for links to your favorite streaming service.

Audrey Senecal

Audrey Senecal

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