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If there’s one sure-fire way to get an entire organization bought in on your channel sales program it’s through marketing. Because marketing smoothes everything out. It generates demand. You get salespeople interested, technical people interested, and generate marketing ROI.

Get marketing in the channel right, and remove the friction.

Is your marketing process simple?

A clear and simple marketing strategy is a joy forever.

Some key questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What are our messaging points? 
  • Who are we targeting (B2C or B2B customers)?
  • How do we get our message to our partners (to-partner)?
  • How do we get our message to our end-users (through-partner)? 

From there on it’s all about removing the friction. 

3 ways to remove friction in the partner marketing process


While you always want to run your onboarding process across your four business units simultaneously (operations, technical, marketing, and sales), in some cases you can roll out marketing prematurely. This depends on the complexity of your product/service.

When does is make sense to go all-in on marketing?

Complex means it will take eight months to get the technical team up and running. In that case, focus on that before you start generating demand through marketing. But if your product is simpler and it’s going to take three or four weeks to get your sales and technical team up and running, build and ship your marketing strategy. Do this in the form of a 12-week plan that looks at:

  • How are you targeting your end-users?
  • What is your vertical and segment?
  • What is your message?


There are tools everywhere and while most are designed to make your life easier, some focus on alleviating the stress on your partners. When it comes to marketing, many partners lack the time, resources, and priority. 0 to 1 FTE simply isn’t enough to run the 300 campaigns that get thrown at them by their vendors on a yearly basis. 

So, how can you support your partners’ marketing efforts while allowing them to keep control over their own marketing channels?

Partner Marketing Engagement Platform

Partner portals sure ain’t cutting it, we know that. So instead consider a partner marketing engagement platform like Channext. It allows your partners to manage all their vendors in one place, gives them access to up-to-date campaigns through their website and social media, and eliminates the time and resource strain connected to marketing.

In turn, vendors get real-time insights into which partners have connected their end-user-facing channels, which partners take part in each campaign, and perhaps most importantly, which end-users are being reached. 

Clear insights that allow channel teams to predict ROI and build stronger, more focused campaigns over time. Engaged partners, more end-users reached, higher revenue across the board. And feedback about what worked each time, so that you can improve creatives, message, and language. 


We often underestimate the power of being spoken to in our own language. On social media, most SaaS websites, and marketing collaterals, we mainly communicate in English (while for most of us in EMEA for instance, it’s not our first language).

How a small investment in translations can offer big returns

If you want to make a big impact on your partners and their end-users, speak in their lingo and their language. Yes, it’s a bit more work to translate content for your partners, but they sure as hell aren’t going to do it. So end-users constantly see English in their feed. Guess what, next vendor comes along with hyper-local content, right language, right message, guess who the end-user is going to pick? 

Better to remove the friction from the get-go. Invest that little bit of extra money and translate into the language of your core focus markets. It’s a small price to pay to skyrocket your partner (and ultimately end-user) engagement. 

Ready to remove the friction in your channel marketing process?

There are 3 things you need to consider when removing friction from your channel marketing process:

  • Proposition: Make sure everyone within your organization and the partner organization understands your message. Keep it clear, keep it simple. 
  • Tools: Invest in tools that will help your partners prioritize their time and resources towards marketing efficiently. 
  • Language: Smart vendors know how to effectively communicate in the language and lingo of their partners and end-users. Use this to your advantage. 

Work on those three crucial things to remove the friction of to-partner marketing and through-partner marketing.

Curious to know more about removing the friction? Our 2nd podcast episode dives into different parts of the process. From recruitment to onboarding, training, marketing, and sales. Listen below or head to Partnerships Unraveled for links to your favorite streaming service.

Cassandra Pizzey

Cassandra Pizzey

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