Bye partner portals. Hello Partner Hubs.

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Only 5% of partners are actively using the portals of their vendors. And that makes perfect sense. Partners have a never-ending list of portals to work with. They cannot master them all.  “We’ve got to be easier to do business with and be essential to our partners”, said Kate Woolley, the new IBM channel chief. Way to go Kate! We agree. And what’s a better way to help your partners than to join a partner hub.

A Partner what?

What on earth is a Partner Hub…? It’s a 24/7 coffee shop where the entire channel can hang out. It’s not another portal. It’s a marketplace where partners can manage all their vendors through one platform. Partners connect their marketing and sales systems one time and one time only.

Campaigns are then automatically distributed and data collected in real-time. Both vendors and partners get actionable insights from this data and the opportunity to review it together during feedback periods. Doesn’t that sound great? It’s time to get close to your partners, come on!
A coffee shop is a lot like a partner portal

Hub on board!

When you join a Partner Hub, there’s a chance that some of your partners will already be there. Yes. Your partners work with other vendors. And these other vendors might be one step ahead of you and already part of the hub. Now it goes without saying that:

  • You don’t want to be behind your competitors.
  • If your partners are already onboarded within the Partner Hub and trained, you will all save an incredible amount of time (and therefore money!)

More time for your partners means they’ll have time for other stuff like meaningful conversations or to give you feedback on the campaigns. Another bonus: you’ll become visible to unknown players on the market and maybe build new partnerships. The Partner Hub will make your partners’ lives so easy that they’ll become your best ambassadors. And ultimately, loyal and active partners will contribute to making your channel predictable and scalable.

What are you waiting for?

Join a Partner Hub.


Audrey Senecal

Audrey Senecal

Audrey is a Content Writer at Channext. She started out as Customer Success Manager before switching to content. Channel intelligence, partner engagement and marketing are her favorite topics. Ideas about what you want to read next? Connect on LinkedIn.

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