3 ways to mobilize partners for your channel marketing campaigns

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Welcome to our five-part series focusing on how to improve your channel marketing efforts. This series offers practical tips that you can implement right now, courtesy of our vendors and partners. This is part five: 3 ways to mobilize partners for your channel marketing campaigns.

Did you know that you’re potentially missing out on 85% of potential networks to accelerate the growth of your channel? “Why,” you ask? Because we see that less than 15% of partners engage in the marketing programs their vendors deliver.

In this article, we will be sharing 3 tips on how you can mobilize your partners to engage with your channel marketing campaigns.

image shows a campaign page and the word 'why'Tip 1: Why should partners join your campaign?

The fact that you’re launching a new campaign might be a huge deal for you, but for your partners, it’s just one of many. Don’t forget, your partners cater to multiple vendors, which means campaigns are launched all the time. We know our partners have limited time, so how can we expect them to keep up?

The most important part of campaign creation in the channel is the one that’s often forgotten.

That is a clear description to partners why you are launching this campaign. What’s in it for them? How will they benefit? What problems will it solve for their end-user?

You will need to convince partners that joining your campaign will improve their business. You can achieve this by focusing on the why behind the what.

Tip 2: Brief, feedback, implement

Another common mistake is communicating the campaign to partners too late or without everything, they need to make it a success. Partners don’t like to receive last-minute campaigns that need to go live by tomorrow. Who would?

So, involve your partners on time and show them what they can expect.

Based on the input of more than 100 partners, the best time to announce a new campaign is one, and preferably two weeks in advance. That way there is time to discuss the campaign internally and request small changes to make it more appealing to their end-users. Show partners what they can expect from the campaign by sharing the assets, explain the idea behind the campaign and what you hope to achieve together.

Our research shows that combining timely briefings with automated campaign distribution can increase the partner participation of your campaigns from 15% to 90%.

image shows a personalized pageTip 3: Make it personal

We often see that partners love being able to personalize campaigns. There are two types of personalization to consider. This first one is giving the partners the possibility of adding their own logo and branding to their assets.

The second is giving them the option to edit the copy of social media assets or landing pages in order to fit their own tone of voice.

The third option is personalizing the target audience. If your partner is focused on education they will want to talk to leads with an educational background, while a partner focused on government wants conversations with employees of governmental institutions.

You can differentiate by giving partners the option to participate in campaigns targeted to their ideal customer profile.

Are you ready to increase participation?

To summarize, if you want to increase the partner participation rate of your channel campaigns, here are some things to consider

  • Talk about why your partners should want to join
  • Involve your partners on time and show them what they can expect
  • Enable partners to personalize the campaign to fit their tone-of-voice and ideal customer profile

Combine this with channel marketing automation, and your participation rate will skyrocket!

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