3 reasons you should rethink partner portals

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Vendors spend millions of dollars setting up partner portals to communicate with their partners. But less than 5% of resellers actively use these partner portals. This is a painful and expensive hobby for vendors. And partners aren’t benefitting either.

In this article, we will dive into why partners are hardly using portals, and how the entire channel can improve channel marketing results by surpassing the portal.

Is the partner portal a recurring topic in your organization? You are not the only one. We hear about it all the time from our customers.

Partners have to manage 10-20 partner portals

Many of your partners lack the time and resources to execute online sales & marketing. They don’t have the time nor resources to log in to your partner portal just to check out the latest campaigns. Let alone download the assets, create and upload ads that fit their customers’ needs, get approval, and so on. You’re not their only vendor.

Try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Most partners sell the products from 10 to 30 vendors. Each vendor has a partner portal and expects partners to use them. For registering deals to collect marketing collateral, and even sharing these marketing assets within their local network.

Imagine having to remember 20 passwords for 20 different portals, and having to meet the expectation of all the vendors at the same time. It’s an impossible job, and we need to make life easier for them.

Your partners aren’t marketing professionals  

Even if they do manage to find the time to collect your marketing assets in your portal, partners often lack the expertise to execute the online marketing. They have to enlist their web builder, hire an external agency for social media, and invest time and money just to participate in your campaign.

This lowers the reseller participation rate as it creates a lot of bumps on the road.

Resellers have to opt-in for every single campaign

Every campaign requires resellers to log in, download the assets, and share these with their team or externals before they even can start participating. This takes time, leads to frustration, and an inefficient workflow.

Choose opt-out over opt-in

What does work? Create a real-time connection with the marketing channels of your resellers, and give them the option to opt-out instead of opt-in. This will increase the participation rate from less than 15% to up to 90%.

To find out more, check out our blog about the difference between opt-out and opt-in, and how your channel can benefit from it.

Rethinking the partner portal

We need to rethink how to enable partners to join marketing campaigns in an efficient and automated way. They lack the resources and time to go through your partner portal. If they do have the time, they often don’t have the expertise to execute the campaigns.

Therefore, you should automate the campaign process by connecting to their marketing channels and offering an opt-out option. Do this, and your marketing campaign investments will pay off.

Cassandra Pizzey

Cassandra Pizzey

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