3 reasons alliance campaigns deserve your attention

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Welcome to our five-part series focusing on how to improve your channel marketing efforts. This series offers practical tips that you can implement right now, courtesy of our vendors and partners. This is part four: 3 reasons alliance campaigns deserve your attention.

The latest research from Accenture shows that over 84% of executives believe that alliance and ecosystem partnerships help their company to access new markets and new customers.

What is an alliance partnership?

An alliance partnership is a partnership between two vendors to create a joint value proposition. Think of a computer hardware company offering certain software pre-installed on its laptops. Or a cyber security firm offering protection with a webcam manufacturer. Imagine two or more product and service portfolios side by side, and the possibilities are endless.

We are seeing a trend towards close relationships between vendors to launch alliance campaigns. Here’s why.

Reason 1: Increase your value proposition

Partners tend to sell more than one product, because they want to provide a complete solution. For example, AV partners want to provide a complete Huddle room, including displays, video-conferencing hardware and software, and speakers. It’s very rare to find a single vendor that provides all these products, which makes this a perfect opportunity to launch campaigns together with alliance partners.

A video conferencing bar with an inbuilt speaker is an amazing innovation, but since many of us are working from home at least part-time, we want to see each other during calls. Offering a video conferencing bar in combination with screens is another example of an alliance partnership waiting to happen.

Joining forces with other vendors to launch alliance campaigns highly benefits not only the partners but the end users as well. Everybody wins.

image shows a pile of cashReason 2: Combine budgets for higher ROI

In addition to the better value proposition, think of what a combined channel marketing budget can achieve. You can create even higher quality campaigns, reach a larger portion of your target audience, and should see a higher ROI as a result.

As you will be running the same campaign as your alliance partner, setup costs can be reduced by 50%. That money can then be put towards advertising, meaning double the budget. More leads, here you come!

Reason 3: Recruit new partners

Another great reason that alliance campaigns will boost your channel team efforts is that they are an excellent opportunity to recruit new partners.

There will probably already be some overlap between partners you want to push your campaign. But be sure to exchange partner overviews with each other, as they are bound to be partners that don’t yet offer your products or services, but are selling to your target audience. It’s a great opportunity to connect with new partners and ask them to join your network.

In this article we touched on our top three advantages of alliance campaigns. But there are many more reasons why you should be teaming up with other vendors to increase your mutual value.

Now it’s up to you to assess which other vendors may fit the bill!

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