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Unlock the viral network effect of your channel partners

Connect your resellers to your brand and reach the end customer.

Activate the local customer networks to create a viral reach for your brand. The combined online reach of your resellers is superior to all other mediums, use it.

Activate the end customer with engaging content

Drive demand for the entire channel to increase the sales funnel.

Now that you have an online connection, you can distribute brand content to your resellers’ websites, social media, mail & Google and drive demand together with your resellers.

Measure all KPIs of your indirect channel’s sales funnel

Advanced management reports of your channel marketing efforts.

Unique insights into the ROI of your campaigns, how many leads are generated and which resellers contribute most. Stop guessing, start knowing.

“Channext helps us to convert online reseller traffic into leads and sales. In this way, we’re increasing the sales funnel of our entire channel.”

Floor van der Weiden
Marketing & Communications specialist, Quantore

We help to let your channel thrive

Engage your partners

Every reseller is connected in one platform and automatically updated when you launch a campaign.

Save time

Save valuable time for you and your resellers while massively increasing your time-to-market.

Grow your channel

Help your resellers generate more leads and revenue to accelerate the growth of your channel

Ready to accelerate your channel growth?

Increase your indirect sales funnel. Measure your channel results.

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