Built for channel people, by channel people.

Channext strives to improve the way channel teams work together. Fueled by data, we help create raving partnerships between vendors, distributors, and partners. Join us and enjoy the ride!

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Stop assuming. Start knowing.

How do we know the way channel teams operate, your struggles, and the way you celebrate success? Because we used to be you. Between us, the Channext team has over 100 years of channel experience. We’ve managed channel teams and led marketing for the world’s biggest tech companies.

Working at companies that thrive on data, we have tested dozens of “channel” software programs like partner portals and marketing automation, only to find none of them provided us with the insights and results we were looking for to grow our channel. We were kept in the dark. Basing our decisions on gut feeling and guesswork. Even though our gut feeling proved to be a good compass most of the time, trying to grow without hard facts to base your success on somehow seemed futile.

So we decided to build the ultimate solution ourselves.

We created Channext as the ultimate solution for channels. Developing our software as a way to help channel teams automate their campaign distribution and work on partner relationships. And after collecting data for a few years, we realized that we could offer so much more. New data insights, along with valuable feedback from our customers led to the release of Channel Intelligence. Offering channel teams access to the kind of data they could never have imagined.

Channext is not just a software platform. It’s a way to fuel partner revenue through Channel Intelligence. We will help you evaluate and improve your partnerships, and benchmark yourself against others in your market. All while ensuring your channel dollars are being put to their best use.

Let us help you grow your channel.

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Our office is located in a newly renovated high rise with an amazing view, just off the A12. We love to host, so let’s plan a visit and meet face-to-face.

Meet the Channext team

Our team combines decades of experience in channel management, (online) marketing, and software development.

Hennie Jansen


Feyona Dijkhuis

Product Manager

Jens van de Graaf


Bart van Zantvoort

Business Development Rep

Gioia Gerritse

Content Success Manager

Daam Rutten

Analytics Engineer

Tayis Arslan

Product Owner

Juliana Pereira

Front-end Developer

Olaf van Zelst

Visual Designer

Jessie Mason

Product Owner

Ceyhun Çiçek

Full-stack Developer

Cassandra Pizzey

Content Marketing Manager

Amy Cath

Customer Success Manager

Audrey Senecal

Content Writer

Rick van den Bosch

Founder & CEO

Nurullah Emsen

Full-stack developer

Nikki van Willigen

Operations Manager

Dimphy Jansen

Product Owner

Derek Steinhoff

Customer Success Manager

Malou de Boer

Business Development Rep

Cosmin Gherase

Demand Generation Manager

Ecem Cibooğlu

Front-end Developer

Rick Fierens

Lead Developer

Juan Bracamonte

Motion Graphics Designer

Lotte Cohen

VP Sales

Pieter Brussaard

Partner Development Rep

Joost Geurts

Partner Contact Manager

Vilas Bikker

Partner Engagement Manager

Alex Whitford

VP Partners & Operations

Jeroen Wolf

Partner Development Rep

Simone den Hartog

Partner Success Specialist

Soumeya Irman

Community Manager

Ovidiu Cara

Front-end Developer

Tess Hille

Partner Success Specialist

Joep van der Wereld

Partner Development Intern

Joery de Vos

Junior Analytics Engineer

Britt Reuterink

Marketing Intern

Anna Klümpen

Partner Development Rep

Gabriela Illiasova

Partner Success Specialist

Jeroen van Rijn

Office Manager

Julian Goené

Partner Development Rep

Sharon Lems


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