The #1 channel SaaS platform to profitably grow your channel

Make sure your channel marketing euros are well-invested and measurable.

The four frustrations

Frustrations of marketing & sales managers in the channel.

We help you to

Engage your partners
Every reseller is connected in one platform and automatically updated when you launch a campaign or introduce a new product line.

Save time
Save valuable time for you and your resellers through automation of core channel processes, while massively increasing your time-to-market.

Profitably grow your channel
Increase sales & marketing reach through automation of the channel and accelerate growth for both you and your resellers

4 reasons

why customers choose Channext to let their channel thrive.

Connect your resellers to profitably grow your channel.
Get insight in your channel. Increase your marketing ROI.

Channel expertise

With more than 50 years of channel and retail knowledge in-house, everything we build is designed with the unique channel challenges in mind.

Marketing and sales integration

Connecting invested marketing Euros to sales is one of the biggest channel challenges. Channext lets you connect them to see the full picture of what’s happening in your channel and measure the ROI of your channel investments.

Easy setup

We’ve made onboarding on our channel automation platform as easy as possible, without complicated IT setup for brands & resellers. This means that your channel can be live within a few weeks and you can immediately start marketing together with your resellers.

Channel automation

Our platform automates important processes for channel marketing and sales, saving valuable time for both the brand and the resellers.

AskĀ us

Feel free to connect with us, we love to talk channel and show you how our product can help to achieve your channel goals.

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