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Channext is a partner marketing engagement platform. We help channel teams to scale and measure their through-partner marketing and partner engagement.

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Connect & Segment Partners

Partners are required to visit partner portals and collect the information they need, which barely happens.

Channext segments your partners based on their preferences and lets you connect their marketing channels to your brand.

Always-On Campaigns

Partners lack time & resources to execute online marketing, leading to low marketing participation.

Channext Always-On Campaigns automatically publish through your partners unless a partner declines, avg. participation grows to 93%.

Data-Informed Partner Management

Scattered partner data makes it hard to create a predictable revenue model and determine where to invest your time and attention.

Channext Dashboards enable data-informed decisions on all partner aspects to grow your channel revenue.

How Logitech launched a product campaign in 1 month

“We had so many people tell us, wow, how did you do it? I’m seeing your content everywhere! All over LinkedIn, on partner websites, everywhere. Thanks to our collaboration with Channext we were able to introduce our product through our partners at the right time with a big bang!”

Angela Hordijk
Video Collaboration marketing manager, Logitech

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