Through-channel marketing campaigns made easy

Connect the marketing channels of your resellers, launch inbound and outbound campaigns, and measure and report on all the KPIs that matter to your business.

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Connect your campaigns directly to your resellers’ marketing channels

Channext creates real-time connections with the websites, social media profiles, advertising accounts & CRMs of your resellers. We onboard resellers through a solid process that guarantees a clean marketing campaign reach and gives them the opportunity to opt-out or personalize content.

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Launch problem-focused end-user campaigns that start conversations

Reach your target audience without having to prepare and run individual campaigns for each business partner. Let top-quality marketing agencies publish branded content and social media updates to boost organic traffic, or launch LinkedIn advertising campaigns to drive demand generation.

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Collect data & feedback at resellers level through a real-time dashboard

Make it easy for your resellers to share feedback on your campaigns, marketing activities, and lead quality through automatically collected data. Save valuable time by exporting your dashboard campaign results to a sharable and pre-formatted pdf for all your stakeholders to enjoy.

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"Channext helps us to convert online reseller traffic into leads and sales. In this way, we’re increasing the sales funnel of our entire channel."

Floor van der WeidenMarketing & Communications specialist, Quantore

We help to let your channel thrive

It’s the one-stop-shop to manage all your reseller marketing activities that provide you with leads, high quality campaigns, and real-time insights. Want to learn more? Request a demo or check out our resources hub.

Engage your partners

Every reseller is connected in one platform and automatically updated when you launch a campaign.

Save time

Save valuable time for you and your resellers while massively increasing your time-to-market.

Grow your channel

Help your resellers generate more leads and revenue to accelerate the growth of your channel

Ready to accelerate your channel growth? 🚀

Increase your indirect sales funnel. Measure your channel results.

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